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    November 24, 2012
    2:05 - 3:00am PST  

"today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. hey, everybody, it is try day friday november 23rd and we are so stuffed. i don't think we want to try anything today, except for maybe these, which is, you know, a little pretzel with some peanut butter that's what everybody wants right after thanksgiving. >> get to that in a minute, our friday thing. it is time for christmas shopping it is official. >> too soon. >> black friday is the day. the question is when do people stop the christmas shopping? there are people -- >> obnoxious, it done, had it done in august. >> not friends with those people. >> no. we don't like those people. almost a fifth start shopping in the back-to-school season, there are lots of great sales and things. 10% start when the christmas decorations begin to go up. >> which is now. >> some up before halloween here. blown away by hurricane sandy but they put them back up.
3% wait until two weeks before christmas, like hody. >> i wait because i like to feel in the mood. i'm not in the mood to buy christmas presents in july, august or even september. then you have thanksgiving and all the other holidays that you are enjoying. >> we live in -- excuse me, i just spit. why can't we live in the now, in the presents, the present, a present, here and gone before you appreciate it. i think we are always projecting the future, we are missing what's happening right now. and i -- i'm upset that some of the stores opened at 8:00 last night to get a jump on it. you have hardly furnished dinner with your family. and everyone is going out. >> all the sales are there. i guess people are trying to take advantage of what they can get. >> and the heart of the economy is for people i understand it. but do you really need that stuff so much? it seems to me that the retailers need need the sales. but we don't need more stuff.
>> i remember very few presents that i was given. i don't really remember them, sure i loved them. i love the card. i get more of a kick reading what someone wrote than the other part. but here's a much more -- >> a sign of getting old, by the way. welcome to my world. >> so, here is a pressing question. what do you wear to bed? >> which has nothing to do with anything. >> nothing. what do you wear to bed? do you wear nothing, like some people? >> i wear my wedding ring. excuse me, that is something. >> do you wear a t-shirt and underwear, like a lot of people. >> what do you wear? >> that's what i wear. do you wear a full-on pajama outfit with pants and the top? do you wear -- >> like bobby, hello kitty pjs? >> jockey did a survey, said just under half of us preferred to wear nothing to bed. according to, most women want their husbands to come to bed in their underwear. >> why? >> because it's better. i like underwear, too.
you want them naked? you want frank naked? >> i have many times. i want him to be comfortable. whatever -- sometimes he wears -- he wears what he is comfortable in. if he's cold he puts on something. >> talk sexy for a something, that is not what this is about. let's talk about that. to me, a man is much sexier wearing something than he is standing there stark naked, i think. i think a guy is sexier in a cool t-shirt, boxers or jeans than standing there full-on naked. what do you think? do you think he is sexy naked? >> a long time i have seen anybody other than my husband, honey. i don't remember. that's my story and i'm sticking to it. >> i remember watching -- an ex vacuuming without clothes on. >> now, that would be the biggest turnoff in the world, unless he is a really good vacuumer. >> there's something about just takes all the allure away. they are getting things. >> eww. >> not sexy at all. we will tell but what your bedtime says about you, from
dangerous lee biz, if you wear girly pajamas. which i guess is like the tops -- >> us, not your husband. >> your bed sometime is about comfort as well as fun. you don't mind your man seeing in the morning because you look kind of cute. >> short, silky little number, you are confident, sassy, sexual and you know what you want in the bedroom. bed sometime about sensuality than sleeper. >> here's what bothers me, there i wear a little sexy short -- i'm in my new york apartment because of the show. i'm alone and putting on -- there i think -- this building and what if an alarm goes off? >> you have to have something on. it is not like being home. >> i will wear something. >> if you wear a never ending nightgown -- all tangled up now, sensible, practical and reliable. >> if you're naked, yes, you are
uninhibited and comfortable with your body. it's dark. i am. you enjoy the sensation of like in bed in the buff. i don't lay around thinking i'm enjoying this sensation. >> but you must remember in the morning who are we talking to, total -- body parts will shift with travel. >> what? >> you move around. roll around. >> where did you go in the middle of the night. might need to put them back in place before your partner wakes up. what the heck does that mean? >> you know what that means, laying on your back. >> they are not going -- >> they are here. >> they may go to the side but they are not actually leaving the same zip code. >> you never know. just line them up. >> dumbest thing i have ever heard. go to the next dumbest thing. >> social cues. a woman has been writing about -- she has had family members come to her house because of the hurricane and things. this applies for people no matter why you are having guests but it's when the guests sit and don't contribute. in other words, you are doing dishes, sitting. >> they eat, they drink. >> they sit. what do you do?
should you say something if they're sitting there not doing anything, or should you do it yourself? and stew about it later? >> philip says about each letter about slothful guests who don't lift a finger he receives as many about guests who won't back of off. >> that do too much? >> seems real. also no problem asking somebody, would you mind helping me a little bit? would you -- you know what i usually do the first time you're a guest, second time you're family and you get up and help. >> pitch in. i think you have to ask, people treat you the way you let them. if you sit there and stew and do everything and complain about it. they are treating you a certain way, you are allowing it. say to them listen -- >> the only power people have is power you give them, hoda woman. >> lots of wisdom in this program, don't you think? >> mm-hmm. >> another, what is it? >> study. receiving a compliment has the same positive effect as receiving cash. >> compliments don't pay the rent but improve performance a
similar way to get a cash award. everybody wants to be valued. everybody wants to know that they have been noticed and appreciated. >> no i agree with that. >> unless you are a waiter and someone says that was really great. thank you so much. >> and then don't leave -- like we talked about. >> the tip. i think it depends, i think it is nice to receive a compliment from your boss. >> has to be sincere. you known somebody's not -- >> you know what, i think bosses can tell you they love you, which is important, and show you, showing you means they give you a raise. >> ka ching. >> i think there's a light. nice when a boss says that was a great story, hey, good job on that you worked well on this project but i think ultimately, if -- >> so you're saying keep the compliments, show me the money? >> show me the money. >> you know what it's time for? your friday funny. from our facebook -- marsha braun yungle, i hope i produced that right, dorothy and edna
two senior widows were talking. dorothy says that nice george johnson asked me out for a date. i know you went out with him last week and i wanted to talk to you about him before i give you my answer. edna replies, dorothy, he shows up at my apartment at 7:00 p.m. dressed like such a fine gentleman that suit and brings me such beautiful flowers. then he takes me downstairs and what's there? a limousine. uniformed chauffeur and all. marvelous dinner, lobster, champagne and the works. then we go see a show. "scandalous" i enjoyed it so much i could have died from pleasure. >> she added that. >> so we go back to my apartment. and he turns into an animal. completely crazy. he tears off my expensive new dress. and has his way with me three times. dorothy says" goodness gracious, are you telling me i shouldn't go?" and edna said "no no no i'm just saying wear an old dress."
>> that's ridiculous. >> he tore off the expensive dress. you win some lose some. >> it is time for our girl's bobbie buzz. hey, girl. >> adorable. >> so cute. >> a lace overlay. i just called myself out. so, it is the day after turkey day and shopping is going to be in full swing. so i have to point out these really cute fashionable accessories from post it. these adorable shoe dispensers for the girl on the go. >> what are they? >> the shoe has tape. >> a shoe tape dispenser. >> this, amazing, for your purse, a compact, with a mirror for your lipstick and your post-it note, keep on the go then sara is going to help me out with our next -- this is the best idea ever. okay. >> this one is mine and this one is sara.
>> some people can't get enough of themselves. >> getting a glimpse of the closet. this stand in says "i wish i could be there today." you send this where you can't go. it's so cute. you care about grandma or someone else. i thought this was hysterical. >> you'lling celebrating christmas with this. >> what does that cost? >> not too expensive, i think around 30ish dollars. we have the information online and a really great thing, one king's lane is a web grate website to find home furnishings but teamed up with designers, rachel roy, holiday paper, all the proceeds go to charity. feel good about ripping that paper. >> so nice. finally a way to give back. thank you. >> good job. >> all right. wait until you see the new guys, these ambush makeovers are so worth waiting for. >> going to be great. and singer susan boyle takes us somewhere over the rainbow. first, these messages.
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get the alert, energized feeling you need and support breast cancer research and access to care. we are back with a special installment of our plaza ambush makeovers, when we pluck two turkey-stuffed ladies off the plaza >> that's terrible. who said that? >> a little stuffing, too and surprise them with a brand-new look. >> here to show us the result is our resident makeover team, "today" contributor and stylist to the stars, louis licari and "us" contributor and author, jill martin. >> how was it today? >> it was great. everyone does feel a little full. >> i have to admit. >> a festive mood. >> exactly. festive. so we just thought thin. that's all.
>> let's start off with our friend denise hasn't, 49 years old from clewiston, florida. she has her husband pick out her clothes because he has better taste than she does. so she was thrilled to get the chance to get a brand-new style. let's listen to her story. >> denise told me outside she is very conservative, of course, we picked you. get a little sexy, right? >> this will be incredible because i would never do this on my own. absolutely never. >> so roger, who is at home, you say he hasn't seen you different in how long? >> well, we have been married, be 20 years in january and i have always had longer hair, i seldom wear makeup, i'm just -- that's just not who i normally am. i'm afraid to try something new this is going to give me something really out there i'm excited. >> denise has brought a posse with her. among her friends, sarah, ashley, brandy and a whole big group. >> that's called a tribe. >> everybody, put your blindfolds on, cover up your eyes, keep them on. i will tell you when to take them off. here is denise before. all right, denise, let's see the new you.
oh, wow. all righty, are you guys ready? all right, girls, take them off. denise, are you ready, hottie? i can't wait to see this. [ screaming ] >> you look amazing. >> you look hot. >> oh, the kleenex. >> i need you to look right here at this dam ra if you wopt mind. you look -- your hair is gorgeous. tell us, louis. >> dab your eyes, sweetheart. >> what we did to denise is, of course, a great haircut. side-swept bang, we love and adore it is so sexy. and then i -- >> look at the difference. >> -- i did her hair.
which is turning a little bit gray in the front, i made her a slightly warmer dark blond with those highlights. >> unbelievable. >> accent the focal point of the bangs. >> look at the posse. are you guys busting? >> what do you guys think? >> we always knew her glow inside and so now everybody, the whole world gets to see the shine that we see every day through this incredible woman. >> you have such great friends. jill you the outfit is perfect. >> gorgeous figure. all about peplum going into winter and fall, a great dress by mark by andrew mark, the earrings and bracelet are kendra scott. >> beautiful. big round of applause. denise, you can join your friends. >> and our second lady is nicole jordan, 37 from lexington, kentucky. she has had the same look for, as she says, way too long. she jumped at the opportunity to get a whole new look. let's listen to her story. >> okay. first time in new york city. >> right. >> so, what kind of look are you going for here? >> what kind of look? i guess anything different than what i'm looking now. >> and you're single.
we have a lot of men watching here. what are you looking for? >> i just want a man with a job and doesn't live with his mom. >> i think we will find that after this makeover. okay. are you ready to get a little glam? >> i am. >> how hard can it be to find one of those? she is here with her sister, kim, friends angie and mark. keep on the blindfolds, one last look at nicole before and bring out nicole jordan. my god, wow. >> you guys take off -- stay right there. and take them off. >> she's gonna freak. >> turn around, nicole, take one look back here in the mirror, hon. >> oh, my god. >> you look beautiful. >> she is getting kleenexes. you look beautiful.
>> jiminy cricket. >> we don't cry in kentucky. >> sweetie, spin right around and look right there -- oh, you look beautiful. >> what a job. >> i tell you. >> this is a layered haircut and played with the highlights, accent the layers to make everything more -- just more alive and you do you look young, more vibrant and a lot sexier. >> you sure do look at her people. >> i don't recognize her. >> gorgeous. >> extra day and hit the town. >> jill, tell us about this color-blocking thing. >> color blocking for winter, she picked this dress, we tried on a few, felt most comfortable, booties again booties big for
winter. these are available at macy's. >> big round of applause for both. [ applause ] >> good job, guys. >> after revealing these brand new looks, we are getting ready to show pictures some people may want to hide. >> those quirky, funny photos that make you say what the what? right after this. [ male announcer ] years ago, when the inventors of twix unveiled their bar, the tension between them reached a breaking point, literally. so they divided the production between two separate factories. each factory took a vastly different approach. left twix flowed caramel on cookie, while right twix cascaded caramel on cookie. left twix bathed in chocolate, while right twix cloaked in chocolate. both bars as different as the vastly distinct men who invented them. to this day, sharing nothing but a wrapper and an ill-designed driveway. try both and pick a side.
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time to look at all those photos that make you say "what the what." >> sara sifted through the photos, all four of them, and here with the top picks. >> they are on the edge of their seat waiting for the first photo from linda from iron, michigan, corn maze for blondes. i don't get it. >> that's funny. >> i love it. >> we'd be lost in there forever.
>> so would you, sara. >> genius. >> leah submitted this photo. no personal dumping. you can do any kind other than that. but not the personal stuff. >> we are slow. >> next up, a photo from valerie nicholson from pennsylvania. you want to read this? >> faster, faster, oh, yes! yes! yes! i'll have what she's having. >> on a broadband truck in england. i think that's brilliant. >> michelle woods from shelton connecticut, sent us this photo. if it's not in stock, it's free. >> in stock or free. how can you take it home if it's not in stock? >> back to the corn maze. >> there you go. >> says one per customer for two for $3. >> hoda just joined the corn maze. >> mary submitted this photo, three triplets going the first
day of school and little 2-year-old brother was upset he wasn't going. what about me? >> how cute. >> can you see -- that's like so -- excited. >> go anyway. >> thank you, sara. >> those were actually charming. >> if you have something you think is photo worthy of "what the what" send it to tech that will take the trouble out of travel. >> and chef english will transform a feast for us from entirely a new meal. 2@
we are back with today's tech and taking trouble out of the holiday travel. >> apps to make your trip smooth is the founder of carly block. >> hi, guys. >> perfect time for this segment. >> hello. >> tech stuff.
>> heading to the airport. there's some great apps that can help you. this is my absolute favorite app for the airport, called gate guru. >> what does it do? >> a bird's eye view of every terminal in the airport, all the shops, all the restaurants and all the service. if you have a little bit of a layover or trying to figure out a better place to eat. >> ratings and everything. >> i once used this to discover a little manicure kiosk on a layover a little bit better. >> is it all just the big airports, carly? >> all the different larger airports. metropolitan? >> i love that gate guru. . now, you have to see this app to believe it. called world lens. you are in a foreign country, signs everywhere, instead of fumbling with a translation book, check this out. >> these are our signs. we don't know what they say. >> it magically translates the text -- >> my gosh. >> right in front of your eyes. >> look what's happening. clothes optional. >> do the next one. >> danger, sharks in the water. >> are you kidding me?
>> wait we have to check out the last one. >> apology -- >> sold all of our wine. apology. >> is that not amazing. >> what is that called? >> world lens. $4.99 per language pack, once buy it down the need a wi-fi connection. >> that's unbelievable. tell you only one bag or burn bag and a carry-on. >> usually carry a purse you are going to use when you're traveling and a laptop bag, this is both in one, from alicia ball, 289, a little bit pricey but two bags in one, the front panel. >> your computer. >> up to 15-inch computer. >> it is stylish. >> gorgeous. in this gray and also black leather. really nice. >> i love that. >> now, some people have disorganized bags. just saying. >> that's rude. that's rude. >> doesn't mean they are not good people. >> some people might want to get more organized. this is the grid it system from cocoon, 25 to $50.
all different shapes and sizes, strap your cords, headphones. gum. >> i would never put anything in there, but nice for certain people. this is genius, i have left cable and cords in the those. >> makes them stand out, it stays on the cord the whole time, from nice you $16, sort of use it to charge your phone anywhere. >> bright color, to remind to grab it. >> don't leave the cord. >> that last look in a hotel and -- >> that is brilliant. >> so cute, right? so you guys, have you heard of noise canceling technology? if you are on an airplane, there is a crying baby, a noisy neighbor, you flip a little switch on these head phones and the world goes away, amazing. >> what do you get instead? >> like a combatting frequency that cancels out all the ambient noise. >> wear them at home, too? >> yes, you can. >> brand new from beats, the executive, really, really comfy fit for the airplane. >> are they comfy, light? >> what? are you talking?
>> just kidding. >> they are not plugged in. >> excuse me. they are not plugged in. i was expecting something. got to plug it into something. >> so these are $300, a little prieszy -- cheaper option. >> peace of mind. >> seriously, invaluable. these are urban ears, $60, they have an on-ear fit, nice and curby and drowns the sound out, doesn't have that noise-canceling technology, $60, bright colors. >> great stuff. thanks, carly. >> welcome. >> bon voyage. now we have taken the headache out of travel what are going to get them for the holidays? >> gifts that give back, right after this. >> excuse me, who is singing? i believe that's barbara streisand.
♪ now, today's holiday gift guide, gifts that give back. >> from saving the planet, from plastic waste to putting money toward college scholarships, companies doing great things when you purchase their products. >> here to share ten -- i was going off listening to my -- it is chef and author kathleen
dellmans. we love her, every time you come, good stuff is released into the universe. we love you very much. >> thanks to you guys and everybody at the today show. >> happy to do t. >> start with vino, shall we? >> start the way we always end. >> something for mommy and hoda. they -- this is a swell bottle. these great water bottles. however, they created one that's just for wine. keep your wine cool. their gift this season is two bottles, one for mom and kids or your purse, hoda. >> hello. >> i know. >> $45. >> okay. i like these classic tees. >> this is out-of-print clothing. it's books on tees and they are on a mission for every shirt that you purchase, they give a book to someone in need. >> oh, that's great. beautiful. >> yeah. and their deal in honor of leo dicaprio's new movie with toby mcgwire "the great gatsby," free
shipping, $38. for two tees. >> how are they going to stop the other movie with robert redford? mia farrow? stop it. >> all these bags, messenger bags and what not. >> project repat. you turn in your favorite tees, gently used, they will turn it into something. for moms this holiday season, baby onesies you don't want to part with turn them into a baby stroller blanket. $65, free shipping. they are doing some amazing things. they work with americans who have special abilities. they are also helping to revitalize some of our manufacturing plants. >> okay. >> we need that. >> what about these messenger bags? >> united by blue. for every purchase on their website, they remove a pound of trash from our oceans. >> yeah. >> these are beautiful bags. high quality. >> land's end or something. >> wax cotton, regular $100, $65 with free shipping. >> love the free shipping. >> i love this. >> this is the man tree. this is inspired with men in mind, but a lot of women do the shopping.
so, this is a way for people to get familiar some of our artisan and crafts vendors across the company -- the country. wouldn't get necessarily to west virginia or louisiana or something, but you can taste what they are doing over there $75. free shipping. then we have mighty wallets, these are mighty great, a photographer working at moma, a brooklyn guy, they are made out of the same thing things that shipping envelopes are made out of, $13.99,, free shipping. >> how about the shades? >> these were designed by two college kids in california. couldn't make money, stay cool, looked cool, started their own company, 14, 21. >> these watches pop. >> flex watches, regular 40, 30 with free shipping, ten colors and pick your charity and this
deal is great, $65 for a built skateboard and it's usually about $120 or $130 and free shipping. these guys give away skateboards to kids in orphanages across the world. >> for the pooch? >> and then for the pooch, better buddies. pet place mats, i don't know if your pets are slobs, mine are 12.99, free shipping and they have pet beds. >> so cute. >> and all the rest are going to be on our website. >> ten more wonderful ideas go to >> thank you. >> thank you. >> find more go about these gifts on our website, >> what are you going to do with thanksgiving leftovers? >> they are gone. chef english will show you how to turn last night's feast into a new meal.
turkey day leftovers, did you love the flavors of last night's feast but like to enjoy them an entirely different way today? >> to transform your turkey into meatballs is todd english, chef and restauranteur of olives, food hall and cava. >> a challenge what will you come up with, something fun, new, innovate at this time. i figure, meatballs are in now. who doesn't like a good meatball. >> start with a little wine. most importantly, get the cooking going, the creative juices flowing. very important. cheers. all right. so while you are doing that i'm going to have you stir here is. >> i will stir. >> what's in there again? >> turkey, i see. ground beef. >> ground turkey. so, these the only extra ingredient you need to have. not buying turkey, have that around. i have diced, leftover turkey. >> cornbread. >> drop some eggs.
>> two eggs. >> some sage. a little garlic. >> fresh sage or -- >> fresh sage, yeah. >> mustard. >> this is cornbread. >> grey poupon? >> it is. whole grain mustard. a little bit of milk. use dark meat, light meat, use your stuffing leftover as well. >> dump it all in. >> a little green onion in. >> now you spoiled it with the onions. >> we do. >> make little balls. >> sear them in the pan like that. >> look what's happening down there. >> see the chunks of meat. >> you cook those until brown and cooked through. >> nice and brown and finish them in the leftover gravy. >> if there isn't, make another batch. >> so good. could use barbecue sauce, you have some of that in the cupboard, that works well. >> the point is to take
everything and mix everything up. >> make a little extra so you have -- i'm even thinking of making these for the main meal, turkey and turkey meatballs. >> let's live here, look how beautiful. >> these are beautiful. >> mashed potatoes, of course, the cranberry to go with it. how delicious is that? >> oh, my god. oh, my god. >> delicious. >> todd. >> yes? >> what else did you make, honey? >> this is just turkey and gravy over biscuits with a fried egg. >> brunch. >> sara, get in, baby. >> and you know, if you want to spice it up a little bit you got turkey quesadillas. whatever cheese you have left over from your cheese board, if you have one. between two piece of flour tortilla, saute it, cran berry, avocado. how delicious is that? almost better than the turkey, right? >> delicious. >> this is heavenly. todd, thank you. >> welcome. >> find the recipe for turkey cornball meatballs on our website.
>> a lot of balls. >> get ready for another thanksgiving after treat coming up. >> susan boyle sings a beautiful all-time classic song. >> my god. >> this is "today" on nbc. ♪ you can help othersink along the way. ♪ ♪ a portion of every bottle that they sell goes to fight ♪ ♪ breast cancer and i think that's swell. ♪ ♪ the more you take, the more they'll pay, ♪ ♪ so make them write a big check today. ♪ ♪ and if you're feeling a little slow, ♪ ♪ then 5-hour energy will help you go. ♪ ♪ so buy a bottle of pink lemonade and ♪ ♪ you can help fight breast cancer today. ♪ but i still have a runny nose. [ male announcer ] dayquil doesn't treat that. huh? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus rushes relief to all your worst cold symptoms, plus it relieves your runny nose.
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>> the toyota concert series on "today" brought to you by toyota. the world first fell in love with susan boyle in 2009 when she appeared on the tv show "britain's got talent." since then sold over 18 million albums and topping the charts in more than 30 countries. now out with her fourth album "standing ovation" a collection of songs from musical theater. here is susan boyle singing "somewhere over the rainbow" by the fabulous harold arlen. have a great weekend, everyone. ♪ somewhere over the rainbow way up high ♪
♪ in a land that i heard of once, once in a lullaby ♪ ♪ somewhere over the rainbow skies are blue ♪ ♪ and the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true ♪
♪ someday i'll wish upon a star and wake up where the clouds are far behind me ♪ ♪ where troubles melt like lemon drop drops way above the chimney tops that's where you'll find me ♪ ♪ somewhere over the rainbow
skies are blue ♪ ♪ and the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true ♪ [ applause ] [captioning made possible by cbs television distribution] captioned by the national captioning institute >> his online love was a sham. 32-year age difference. it's cougars and